Mohyals have demonstrated valour and virtuosity — fighting against religious bigotry and social injustice. Mohyals are descendents of Sapt Rishis.

Unity in diversity

My parents told me that I am Datta. My country told me that I am resident of India. But I do not want to limit myself. I believe that I am Mohyal and I am a global resident. I hate passport or visa system. I know that I am a Global Citizen.

Nobody can restrict my soul to visit other countries. All souls are free and move without any restrictions of religions, castes, languages, color and nations. My children are Germans, Americans, New Zealanders, Africans, Arabs and belong to all countries of this planet.

I believe in destiny. Religions, castes and nations divide humanity. Let us help each other to unite and govern the humanity with love, compassion, empathy, equality, equity and humane touch. India, America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, & other democratic countries known as well ordered (John Rawls) states should join together to become one planet of United States of United Nations.

Obama, Modi, Putin and Xi supported by young dynamic leaders of the World should initiate unity in diversity. This is the voice of new generation. If I can control or see my house in India or operate my bank account while sitting in America, Russia and China, then national boundaries are non existent. I have traveled many countries. I found human bio species behave same around the world.

We need change. I call young leaders to achieve this dream without conflict and war. There is no diversity. We all are human beings. Every life matters.

My name is Jaipal Singh Datta. I am Mohyal. I am Indian by Nationality. I belong to Global Family. I have universal family. My children are all over the World. I believe in Vasudhaiv Katumbakam. World belongs to us. I believe all human beings are bio machines and behave as per the program coded by the gravitational forces of nine planets and twenty seven stars. Each Bio Machine acts as per directions of planets or stars at the time of birth.

Date-, time-, and place of birth are very important for coding on the hard disc of bio machine. It is all done as per the law of nature. Nature does not differentiate between rich-poor, educated-uneducated, white - black, American, Russian, Indian, African, Asian, Chinese, European etc. This coding is based on Karma theory also known as law of nature. Each bio machine acts different.

We take birth. We perform as per directions of Stars or Planets. With the passage of time, Bio Machines need repair. We change our body or die to take rebirth as per destiny and energy level. Each bio machine can carry information from one machine to the other machine with the help of a bio chip known as Soul (Atmaram). So each soul performs as per the directions written by soul master. Soul Master is known as Yamaraj, who works as per the directions of Shiva or Mahesh. Ganesha is also creation of Shiva. So, Ganesha controls all planets. Read How long shall Bio Machines live on this planet? Summary of Geeta

Life is short. I am dedicating this site of Mohyal Sabha to all Mohyals in this World, who can use this site to know each other. This shall be plate-form for communication. I am old and having very less time to serve others. I shall like to serve my family, my community, my nation and my planet.

Each Mohyal Sabha can hire free of cost one page from me for their press news, communication, good wishes, matrimony and any other information. May God Bless Mohyals. My writing shall not be complete without thanking to my parents. my children and Brigadier ( Retd ) Dr. Kapil Mohan, Padam Shree, V.S.M., PhD and Raizada B.D.Bali, President of General Mohyal Sabha. Both were prime movers of Mohyal Community. May God Bless their souls and their families.

"The General Mohyal Sabha, popularly known by the acronym "GMS", is the apex body of the Mohyal Community. It is truly their parent organization and commands the reverence of every Mohyal. The GMS was founded on 24 May 1891 and its original name was Mohyal Mitter Sabha. It was born in an era which saw the birth of two other historical organizations of the country, namely, the Indian National Congress and Arya Samaj. Amongst its founding fathers were: Bakshi Ram Dass Chhibber of Bhera, Bk. Jog Dhian Bali of Lahore, Bk. Gokul Chand Chhibber of Abbotabad, Ch. Ganesh Dass Datt of Lahore, Hon. Captain Chaudhri Ganda Singh Dutt of ZAFARWAL, Mehta Behari Lal Mohan, Pleader of Amritsar. Bk. Dhera Mal Datt of Miani, Raizada Maharaj Kishan Vaid of Jheur Kotli district Sialkot, Mehta Lal Chand Mohan of Hardorwal, Ch. Ram Bhaj Datt of Kanjrur and Ch. Hira Singh Datt also of Kanjrur. The minds of these people were fired with burning nationalism and a vibrant missionary zeal generated by the Congress and the Arya Samaj. In fact, these pilgrim fathers carried the shoulder badges of all the three renaissances which swayed the Indian nation, the Hindu community and the archaic Mohyal Society.''

Read Mohyal News, Mohyal Blog, Mohyal Addresses, GMS Telephone Directory for addresses of List of Office Bearers, and list of Managing Committee of General Mohyal Sabha, Matrimonial List, Members of Mohyals etc on the following links. One can also read name and addresses of President and Secretaries of Mohyal Sabha located in Indian Cities. Once we know name of Mohyal President or Secretary then one can find out from the office bearers name of other Mohyals staying in those cities.

To know each other one should know name and address. I shall be adding name of each Mohyal Sabha of each city. Name of President, Secretary, & Social Worker or contact .name shall be written along with details of addresses, telephone numbers, E mail addresses, or web site addresses of each Mohyal Sabha. Link shall be provided for each Mohyal Sabha.

I shall request all mohyals to cooperate and inform details of their village, name, family structure. Suggestions are welcome.